Micro Saint® Sharp's power, flexibility and tools for optimization make it the simulation tool of choice for any organization. With a computer model of your process built in Micro Saint Sharp, you can begin to get the answers to your "what if" questions: What if I change the way humans work with the system? What if I change my resource mix? What if I rearrange the process? Find the answers with Micro Saint Sharp quickly and completely for systems of all sizes, shapes, and complexities.

Comprehensive Features

We’re continually improving Micro Saint Sharp to provide even more features and performance. Recent enhancements include:


  • Expanded library of Sample Models that demonstrate how to use many of the features of Micro Saint Sharp. Each model has a description and detailed comments.
  • “Experimenter” capability allows you to specify variables and ranges for a variety of inputs and run all of the possible permutations — easily define multiple experimental runs and specify multiple iterations for each condition.
  • Pathfinding Capability added to Animator and Animator3D. Define waypoints that are on a direct path with each other, then use the new GetRoute and GetRouteDistance functions to have Micro Saint Sharp find the shortest route from one point to another.
  • Enable/disable Model Variance for any particular execution
  • Create reusable modeling components with Referential tasks and paths which will reduce your overall model development time
  • Import your existing Microsoft Visio® business and technical drawings and make them into process simulation models
  • Import activity diagrams from the MagicDraw ® UML/SysML modeling tool or import your Micro Saint Sharp model into MagicDraw ®


  • Start Page gives you a quick way to open your recent files, open sample models, and view news and announcements
  • Find things quickly with the new "Go To" window
  • Quickly Add Variables to the variable catalog directly from text in an expression field
  • Enhanced Notes feature now allows WYSIWYG text editing functionality
  • Grid Editor supports editing reference tasks
  • Console communication protocol lets you interact with command line applications


  • 3 ways to view your models: network diagram view, 2D animation and 3D animation
  • Enhanced Model Runtime Export allows you to export models that use Animator, Animator3D, Object Designer, and/or the Communications capabilities. You can also now name your runtime application and define runtime execution settings (number of times to execute, random number seed, etc.)
  • Export to HTML option allows you to view using an HTML tree view display with clickable task diagrams and display. Send the HTML files to others that need to review the model structure but do not own Micro Saint Sharp
  • Histogram Viewer allows you to quickly generate a graphical chart of your snapshot data in histogram form
  • Scenario Viewer lets you add and visualize scenarios better
  • New reports include tasks and scenario timeline reports
  • Turn off entity merging to greatly improve model run performance
  • Automatic variable data collection option saves time when creating snapshots
  • Store output files where you want them for easier comparative model run analysis
  • Communication plug-in allows users to export model data to spreadsheets easily
  • Use the embedded OptQuest optimization engine to quickly identify the best outcomes based on your objectives

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