Micro Saint® Sharp is available in single and multiple license packs, and our improved Floating License Support for users with two or more copies helps you manage your development resources.

There are two versions of Micro Saint® Sharp available to commercial users: Silver and Gold.

  • SILVER: A single-user SILVER license of Micro Saint Sharp includes the Micro Saint Sharp simulation software and a license serial key.
  • GOLD: A single-user GOLD license of Micro Saint Sharp includes Micro Saint Sharp simulation software, license serial key, Animator(2D), Animator3D, External Communication Capabilities, Visio import/export, Project import/export, MagicDraw import/export, user plug-in capabilities, runtime model export, Experimenter, and OptQuest optimization.

Micro Saint® Sharp has a package available specifically for educational institutions that includes:

  • One full gold version of Micro Saint Sharp,
  • An unlimited-use student version of Micro Saint Sharp that can be installed on a network (limited to 50 tasks and 50 variables),
  • Teaching materials.

Each package contains the software disc and printed documentation. Licenses also include one year of unlimited technical support and software updates.

Educational, student, government, and quantity discounts are available.

For pricing or to order Micro Saint® Sharp, contact us at:

tel: 303-442-6947
email: microsaintsharp@alionscience.com